We are passionate about travelling and researching and visiting destinations primarily to Bangladesh and have contacts to exclusive hotels and unusual venues. We use this insight and experience to develop imaginative, one-of-a-kind travel experiences. Incentives travel has been a concept for years and one that many employers do not choose to embrace it but as with everything, it’s important you move with the times and that includes your business incentives to your employees.

We can be a dedicated driving force behind your business and if you require a helping hand with encouraging your team, rewards such as incentive travel are a great way to ensure that your staff will give you their full effort and attention. Our experienced incentive trip planners and have witnesses hundreds of employees benefit from their hard work on incentive trips to Bangladesh.

We use engaging communications to build excitement, manage the guests, maximise results, and demonstrate ROI to your organisation. Last year we took 86 employees from 11 different employers to various destinations in Bangladesh and we will be doubling the numbers this year.

For more information on Incentive Travel please drop us an email: info@deshfoundation.org.uk or call us on 0121 690 1120.