Desh Foundation – Privacy Statement

Desh Foundation UK is fully aware of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) UK – 25 May 2018 and bound to comply with the law completely. The privacy of all of the clients, internet users and Desh Foundation website browsers are very important to us. So we wholeheartedly value the trust you have placed in us. Desh Foundation UK is committed to protect and safeguard all personal data, the users, clients give to us either by visiting website or through communication. We fully respect our customers interest and are transparent about the processing, storing any of your personal data.

This document is a summary of our Privacy Policy, what kind of information we may collect and how we process them. It also tells you how you can contact us regarding your personal data and we are happy to answer you. Desh Foundation is very transparent and happy to help you always.

If you ever contacted us before, had businesses with us, registered your business with us or just visited our site we may have your information in our secured system depending on which service you took from us or how much information you have provided. Here are our policies regarding your personal information with us:

  1. We never share, publish or sell your personal information.
  2. We never keep any of your information in our secured system which you do not wish to store.
  3. We only store the basic contacts in our system.
  4. If you register your Business with us and take participation in our Best British Bangladeshi Business Awards, we may temporarily have your business information with our judges. But after completion of the event and Award ceremony we do not store any of your Business related sensitive data.

The kind of Data Desh Foundation may collect

Desh Foundation only collect the information which is required to serve you. These may be your name, preferred contact details, name of your business, nature of your business, address etc. If you register your business to take part in the competition then we further take your business performance, history, success which is completely safe and temporary with our honorable judges.

How Desh Foundation collect your data

Mainly through direct communication, email or submission of forms. Through website, we only collect your name, contacts etc.

How Desh Foundation Share your data

Desh Foundation do not share, publish or sell any of your personal data with any of our third-party entities.

How Desh Foundation protect & safeguard your data

The data stored in our system are protected with latest encrypted, password protected system. We do not compromise any security issues with our information or our clients information. Our database servers, application servers are well maintained with security measures. We follow and observe appropriate and adequate procedures to prevent any unauthorized access to our system or any misuse of personal data that we store.

How you can control your personal data

As our valued and honorable clients you always have the full right to opt out from our system. You can request anytime to remove your personal information from our system via email or otherwise.